Purchase of Service Data

2022-23 Purchase of Service Data

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Purchase of Service Public Presentation for 2022-2023 Fiscal Year – 03/11/24

Purchase of Service Public Presentation for 2022-2023 Fiscal Year, Spanish – 03/11/24

2022 Expenditures and Services

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Changes in service delivery and billing in response to the COVID-19 pandemic may have affected individuals and communities differently. Care should be taken in comparing FY 21/22 data to data for years prior to 2020. In response to the pandemic and varied individual needs and circumstances, billing for some services changed to a monthly rate instead of hourly or daily rates.  As a result, this may have reduced differences among individuals in service authorizations, expenditures, and utilization.

2021 Expenditures and Services
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2021 Purchase of Services Data Report

2020 Expenditures and Services
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2019 Expenditures and Services

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2018 Expenditures and Services

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2017 Expenditures and Services

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2016 Expenditures and Services

Insurance Expenditures by Diagnosis – Expanded

Insurance Expenditures by Diagnosis – Legislative

Insurance Expenditures by Diagnosis – Summary

Insurance Expenditures by Ethnicity or Race

Insurance Expenditures by Language – Overview 

Insurance Expenditures by Language

Insurance Expenditures by Residence

No Services by Diagnosis – Expanded

No Services by Diagnosis – Legislative

No Services by Diagnosis -Summary

No Services by Ethnicity or Race

No Services by Language

No Services by Residence

Services by Diagnosis – Expanded

Services by Diagnosis – Legislative

Services by Diagnosis – Summary 

Services by Ethnicity – Home

Services by Ethnicity – ILS-SLS

Services by Ethnicity – Institutions

Services by Ethnicity – MRP

Services by Ethnicity – Other

Services by Ethnicity – Residential

Services by Ethnicity

Services by Language – Home

Services by Language – ILS-SLS

Services by Language – Institutions

Services by Language – MRP

Services by Language – Other

Services by Language – Overview

Services by Language – Residential

Services by Language

Services by Residence

Services for Living at Home by Ethnicity or Race

Services for Living Out of Home by Ethnicity or Race

2015 Expenditures and Services

FY2015 Service By Diagnosis

FY2015 Service By Ethnicity

FY2015 Service By Ethnicity ILS-SLS

FY2015 Service By Ethnicity Home

FY2015 Service By Language

FY2015 Service By Language ILS-SLS

FY2015 Service By Residence

FY2015 Service By Residence

No Services Received by Diagnosis

No Services Received by Ethnicity

No Services Received by Language

No Services Received by Residence

2014 Expenditures and Services

FY2014 Service By DiagnosisFY2014 Service By Ethnicity

FY2014 Service By Ethnicity ILS-SLS

FY2014 Service By Ethnicity Home

FY2014 Service By Language

FY2014 Service By Language ILS-SLS

FY2014 Service By Language Home

FY2014 Service By Residence

FY2014 No Service By Diagnosis

FY2014 No Service By Ethnicity

FY2014 No Service By Language

FY2014 No Service By Residence

2013 Expenditures and Services

FY2013 Service By DiagnosisFY2013 Service By Ethnicity

FY2013 Service By Ethnicity ILS-SLS

FY2013 Service By Ethnicity Home

FY2013 Service By Language

FY2013 Service By Language ILS-SLS

FY2013 Service By Language Home

FY2013 Service By Residence

FY2013 No Service By Diagnosis

FY2013 No Service By Ethnicity

FY2013 No Service By Language

FY2013 No Service By Residence

2012 Expenditures and Services

FY2012 Service By DiagnosisFY2012 Service By Ethnicity

FY2012 Service By Ethnicity ILS-SLS

FY2012 Service By Ethnicity Home

FY2012 Service By Language

FY2012 Service By Language ILS-SLS

FY2012 Service By Language Home

FY2012 Service By Residence

FY2012 No Service By Diagnosis

FY2012 No Service By Ethnicity

FY2012 No Service By Language

FY2012 No Service By Residence

Service Data Compilation Meeting

1. Service Data Compilation Cover Letter

2. Service Data Compilation Meeting Announcement Flyer

3. Service Data Compilation Mailing List

4. Service Data Compilation Meeting Report

5. Service Data Compilation Meeting Report

Disparity Report

2018 Purchase of Service Disparity Report for Fiscal Year 2016 – 2017, Review of Public Meetings and Meeting Minutes

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