Public Disclosures

VMRC Mission, Vision and Values
Annual CA NCI Reports VMRC
Annual CA NCI Report 2011
VMRC Strategic Plan 2014
Cal PERS Annual Valuation Report
Other Post Employment Benefits (OPEB) Actuarial Report
Zero Tolerance Policy
Request for Proposals Policy
Access to Information in accordance with SB74 (policy)
Valley Mountain Regional Center Service Standards
VMRC Vendor List
Valley Mountain Regional Center Bylaws
VMRC Whistleblower Policy
Restricted Health Condition Care PlansService Data Compilation

2016 Expenditures and Services


2015 Expenditures and Services


2014 Expenditures and Services


2013 Expenditures and Services


2012 Expenditures and Services


Service Data Compilation Meeting

1. Service Data Compilation Cover Letter

2. Service Data Compilation Meeting Announcement Flyer

3. Service Data Compilation Mailing List

4. Service Data Compilation Meeting Report

5. Service Data Compilation Meeting Report



SB74 and Other Disclosures

Regional Center Annual Independent Audits


Biannual Fiscal Audits


Regional Center Annual Reports Pursuant to Section 4639.5(a)


Reports required to Section 4639.5(b)


Purchase of Service Policies

Bylaws of the regional center governing board

The annual performance contract and year-end performance contract entered into with the department pursuant to this division



The biannual Home and Community-based Services Waiver program review conducted by the department and the State Department of Health Care Services

The board-approved transparency and public information policy

The board approved conflict-of-interest policies


Employee conflict-of-interest statements

CPP and RFP Contract Awards

Service provider rates

IRS Forms



IRS Determination Letter