Legislative Committee

About the Legislative Committee:  From proposed changes to VMRC By-laws- Section 5.08. Public Policy Committee (also known as “Legislative Committee”). The Public Policy Committee consist of a chairperson and at least three (3) other directors, and interested community stakeholders (at the discretion of the president), all appointed by the President. The President shall serve ex-officio on this committee and will vote on position recommendations to the board only in the event of a tie.  This committee will establish a schedule of meetings sufficient to analyze proposed legislation impacting consumers, consumers’ families, and stakeholders, monitor recommendations from the Association of Regional Center Agencies (ARCA), recommend positions for the board, inform our local community stakeholders, and inform our local policymakers of the impact of these proposals on people with developmental disabilities.

Committee Members:  Candace Bright- CHAIR of this committee- Coalition of Local Area Service Providers (CLASP) & VMRC Board, Tony Anderson- VMRC Executive Director, Robert Balderama, Emily Grunder, Pernell Gutierriez, Dena Hernandez- SCDD North Valley Hills, Anthony Hill- VMRC Legal staff, Daime Hoornaert- CLASP member, Tracie Leong, Claire Lazaro (Vice President), Lynda Mendoza, Mohammad Rashid, Angelique Shear- VMRC Special Projects staff, Ex-officio- Tom Bowe VMRC Board president.

AgendaMay 21, 2018

Minutes: PRESENTATION for April 24, 2018

Facebook Live Presentation

Other Documents:

Legislative Bill File By Category

  1. Autism (Status Report) 4/26/18
  2. Children (Status Report) 4/26/18
  3. Criminal Justice (Status Report) 5/11/2018
  4. Dental (Status Report) 4/16/18
  5. Early Start (Status Report) 4/16/18
  6. Education (Status Report) 5/11/2018
  7. Employment (Status Report) 4/16/18
  8. Financial (Status Report) 5/11/2018
  9. General (Status Report) 5/11/2018
  10. Health (Status Report) 5/11/2018
  11. Housing (Status Report) 4/16/18
  12. Mental Health (Status Report) 4/16/18
  13. Operations (Status Report) 4/16/18
  14. Providers (Status Report) 5/11/2018

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