Lynda Mendoza, Co-Chair
Candice Bright, Co-Chair

About the Legislative Committee: The Public Policy Committee (also known as “Legislative Committee”), consists of a chairperson and at least three (3) other directors, and interested community stakeholders (at the discretion of the president), all appointed by the President. The President shall serve ex-officio on this committee and will vote on position recommendations to the board only in the event of a tie.  This committee will establish a schedule of meetings sufficient to analyze proposed legislation impacting consumers, consumers’ families, and stakeholders, monitor recommendations from the Association of Regional Center Agencies (ARCA), recommend positions for the board, inform our local community stakeholders, and inform our local policymakers of the impact of these proposals on people with developmental disabilities.

Committee Members:  Lynda Mendoza (Co-Chair/Board Vice-President), Candice Bright (Co-Chair, CLASP member), Margaret Heinz, Ex-Officio and Board President, Robert Balderama, Liz Herrera Knapp, Dena Hernandez (SCDD North Valley Hills), Karyn Gregorius (CLASP member), Trina Castro, SAC6, Emily Grunder. Staff:  Tony Anderson, Executive Director and Doug Bonnet, Special Assistant to the Executive Director.

2023 Bill File Presentation DRAFT

2023 Session (year 1)

Full Bill File Digest by Topic
(Bill File Calendar)
Children and Families
Civil Rights and Recognition
Community Access and Independent Living
Community Safety
Mental Health 
Regional Center and Provider Operations

December 20, 2022: New Laws from 2022 – 2023 TBL


August 16, 2022

VMRC Legislative Committee Budget Presentation Video

VMRC Legislative Committee Budget Presentation Slide Show

SCDD Public Affairs Report: March 2022

March 2021

Legislative Committee Meeting Minutes:  March 24, 2022

December 2021

Legislative Committee Presentation- New Laws Impacting the IDD Community – December 16, 2021

November 2021

Draft PowerPoint for our December 16th presentation.

May 2021

Governor’s May Revise and Legislature’s Budget Proposals

Governor Newsom’s May Revise Presentation

February 2021

Annual Budget Presentation February 24, 2021

Meeting Minutes:  February 11, 2021

2021-2022 Proposed Budget Chart 

Committee Report

Bill File: 2021 All Bills

(Report on All Bills Passed – shows upcoming bills scheduled for hearing)
Children and Families
Civil Rights and Recognitions
Community Access and Independent Living
Community Safety
Mental Health 
Regional Center and Provider Operations

December 2020

Minutes:  December 4, 2020

November 2020

Agenda:  November 4, 2020

Minutes:  November 4, 2020

August 2020

Agenda:  August 3, 2020

Message on the 2020-2021 State Budget…
“Many of you have been following our postings and conversations on the governor’s May revision of the state budget. On Monday, we started getting updates on a budget deal between the legislature and the governor and it is looking good.  As a reminder, the governor had proposed major cuts to developmental services including $300 million reduction to services and rates for providers and $30 million to regional centers operations. These cuts were to be in place if the federal government did not provide state and local financial relief estimated at about $14 billion.

There were vast cuts throughout Health and Human Services in the governor’s budget but the legislature passed a dramatically different budget. The As of now (final vote is scheduled for Friday June 26th (or maybe even by tomorrow if they want) the new deal on the budget regarding developmental services and Health and Human Services in general rejects the governor’s May Revision budget cuts. There is expected approval of the budget since the leadership in the California Senate and Assembly with the Newsome Administration officials negotiated it.

For developmental services, it is probably the best possible budget we could have gotten in this economic climate, as there are no cuts to our services or operations and there are increases for growth and for a few service rates such as Independent Living and Early Start Services.  Some of the larger budget savings came from 10% cuts to State workers, which can include two furlough days and delaying of some bargained increases in exchange for adding personal days and all state employees making under $15 would receive increases to $15 immediately.

Thank you to everyone who followed our calls for advocacy as well as other group’s efforts to advocate for a state budget that preserves the services and supports for people with developmental disabilities and their families.”

Tony Anderson
Executive Director
Valley Mountain Regional Center

The following, compiled by California Disability Community Action Network (CDCAN NOTE: To receive the free CDCAN Reports, send email to Marty Omoto at:, is a summary of the highlights of the budget deal – including details on the proposed cuts that were rejected – and also some appropriations of funding.

June 2020

Agenda and Packet:  June 24, 2020

The Heroes Act May 2020

April 2020

Minutes:  April 6, 2020

January 2020

2019 New Laws Impacting the IDD Community Presentation – January 27, 2020

2019 New Laws Impacting the IDD Community Video Presentation – January 27, 2020

December 2019

Legislative Committee Meeting Agenda:  December 12, 2019

Working Session Document for November 2019 Meeting

Full File of Bill Outcomes

DRAFT Presentation 

2019-2020 Trailer Bill Detail Presentation and Letter

The Lanterman Act Changes Again… Presentation on the TBL for 2019-2020 to the committee.

The Lanterman Act Changes Again…TBL Presentation to the VMRC Management and the SCDD Regional Advisory Committee – September 24, 2019 (reduced text)

Committee Archive Page

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