Valley Mountain Regional Center

Directors Travels

picture of Tony Anderson, executive director of Valley Mountain Regional Center.

Monday February 6, 2023
Supervision meeting with the DEI Manager.

Home and Community Base Services Waiver (HCBS) compliance update meeting.

Meeting with the elected leadership of the Coalition of Local Area Service Providers.

Editorial Board meeting for the Frontline Initiative, a national magazine featuring the Direct Support profession.

Check in and supervision meeting with the Special Assistant to the Director.

Meeting with the Health Plan of San Joaquin organized by our Clinical Director.

Participating in a meeting address concerns from the Self-Determination Local Advisory Committee elected leadership.

Tuesday February 7, 2023
Weekly meeting with the Department Directors to address program and operations issues. This meeting will take place in the Modesto office.

Participating in the CLASP Conference organizing committee meeting.

I’ll be presenting on a panel to the legislative staff for the California Assembly and Senate. The Capitol Briefing is organized by the Association of Regional Center Agencies.

Wednesday February 8, 2023
l will be participating in the Person Centered Thinking certification training.

I’ll be attending the START (intensive mental health and behavioral health services) program implemtation meeting.

I’ll be attending a planning meeting with a few regional center directors regarding director development.

I’ll be attending the VMRC Finance Committee meeting chaired by the Treasurer and staffed by the Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

I’ll be participating in the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors chaired by the President.

Thursday February 9, 2023
I’ll attending an update meeting for the Atticus project (electronic case management system).

I’ll be participating in a meeting to review the latest website refresh and development efforts.

I’ll be attending the Monthly Transportation Updates meeting with R&D Transportation.

I’ll be attending a meeting with the Director of Adult Case Management and a parent of an adult with disabilities.

I’ll be a receiving an update on the HCBS Compliance status.

I’ll be hosting a Managers Book Club session (7 Habits of Highly Effective People).

Self-Determination Local Advisory Committee meeting from 3:30 pm to 5 pm.

I’ll be writing my section of the weekly Newsletter article.

Friday February 10, 2023
I’ll be a receiving an update on the HCBS Compliance status hosted by the Director of DDS.

I’ll be meeting with a family regarding their concerns about SDP.

I’ll be attending a meeting on the Children’s System of Care with the Tuolumne County officials.

Many staff from VMRC will be volunteering at Night to Shine evening events in the region.