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Directors Travels

Directors Travels

picture of Tony Anderson, executive director of Valley Mountain Regional Center.Monday August 12, 2019 – The legislature returns from summer recess
I’ll be meeting with Doug Bonnet to work on the upcoming board meeting announcements and review the activities for the upcoming week.

The Department of Developmental Services, Department of Health Care Services, and regional center clinical staff will be meeting to discuss local healthcare coordination and access.

Doug Bonnet will be facilitating the Social Media team monthly meeting. The team reviews the postings to ensure a good variety of types of postings and general themes and the latest social media metrics.

Tuesday August 13, 2019
Vacation Day

Wednesday August 14, 2019 (Travel Day)
I’ll be meeting Nancy Bergman, Director of the Department of Developmental Services for a check-in meeting.

I’ll be attending a meeting with the executive directors of regional centers who have been in their position less than 6 years.

Thursday August 15, 2019
I’ll be attending the Finance Committee meeting for the Association of Regional Center Agencies chaired by Omar Noorzad, director of Tri-Counties Regional Center.

I’ll be attending the Director’s Group meeting of ARCA chaired by Larry Landauer, Executive Director of Orange County Regional Center.

I’ll be attending the Executive Committee of ARCA chaired by Kathy Hebert.

I’ll be attending a dinner meeting with the directors of regional centers and state officials to discuss a variety of issues impacting the developmental services community system.

Lynda Mendoza, Valley Mountain Regional Center Secretary will be representing our regional center for Margaret Heinz as she was unable to attend this meeting due to a previous commitment. Lynda will be attending the Delegate’s meeting chaired by Kathy Hebert, ARCA President.

Friday August 16, 2019
Lynda Mendoza and I will be attending the Board of Directors meeting chaired by Kathy Hebert from 8 am to about 1 pm. This will be the first meeting for Anthony Hill the new director of San Gabriel Pomona Regional Center.