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Directors Travels

picture of Tony Anderson, executive director of Valley Mountain Regional Center.

Monday January 13, 2020
We’ll be meeting with the Leadership of the Coalition of Local Area Service Providers (CLASP) will be meeting to review any local feedback from colleagues and develop the agenda for next week’s meeting with the full membership.

Meeting with Doug Bonnet to review the status of the Medicaid Provider form that must be turned into the Department of Developmental Services by the end of the day.  We also will be reviewing the final preparation s for this weeks’ all-staff meeting and training.

I’ll be meeting with a planning in preparation of the next Mental Health Services Act Grant conference “Bridging the Gap” chaired by Dr. Barbara Johnson our Psychologist.

We’ll be meeting with the officers of the Self-Advocacy Council (SAC6) to discuss issues important to self-advocates in our region. SAC6 serves in an advisory capacity to Valley Mountain Regional Center.

Tuesday January 14, 2020
The Senior Leadership team will be meeting in the morning to provide status reports and work through issues impacting VMRC.

Carlos Hernandez, Cultural Specialist, and Carrie Murthy, chair of the Train the Trainer workgroup, will be working with the committee members and several parents and self-advocates to create vignettes for with people of various cultural backgrounds.

Wednesday January 15, 2020
I will be meeting with each of the Directors under my supervision throughout the day. The meetings focus on organizational issues from their perspectives and what I can do to help them be successful in their efforts.

I’ll be meeting with Doug Bonnet and Margaret Heinz, Board President, to discuss plans for upcoming board and committee meetings and the status on our board member recruitment and development.  I’ll also be meeting with President Heinz privately as one of her obligations as president is to provide direct supervision of the executive director.

Justin Schrotenboer, VMRC Psychologist, will be attending the San Joaquin County Behavioral Health Board Meeting from 5 pm to 7 pm in the Behavioral Health Services, Conference Room B, 1212 N. California Street, Stockton, CA 95202

Thursday January 16, 2020
I’ll be attending the ICC meetings all morning in Sacramento. The council will be working on State Systemic Improvement Plan (SSIP), improving State Systems, and efforts to improve Communication & Outreach for the state’s Early Start program.

The CLASP Conference planning team will be meeting to begin planning for the next provider conference that will be held in November 2020. Candice Bright, committee chair, will lead the committee’s first discussion on theme and content.

The Self-Determination Advisory Committee, chaired by Mariela Ramos, will be meeting in the Cohen Board from 3:30 pm to 5 pm. VMRC recently received funding for the committee activities for successful implementation of program and VMRC will provide details of this funding.

Friday January 17, 2020
We will be having our first of two all-staff meeting for 2020. This is an annual schedule meant to get all the staff together to meet each other, and management to communicate updates directly to everyone at same time, and provide trainings that are educational and inspiring. We’ll begin the day look back at our history as a system and the impact of the national parent movement that created it. Next we’ll have one of our founding leaders in the Lanterman Act system, Denny Amundson, former DDS Director, provide a look back on the California Developmental Services system. We’ll then host a panel of parents who will talk about what Valley Mountain Regional Center has meant to them and their family over the years. After lunch we’ll get updates from the department heads highlighting the latest or upcoming developments from the part of the organization they lead.  We will end the day with a celebration and recognition of staff who have met a milestone in their longevity at Valley Mountain Regional Center.