Directors Travels

Directors Travels

Monday June 24, 2019
I’ll be meeting with the Coalition of Local Area Service Providers (CLASP), chaired by Corinne Seaton, UCP, at the VMRC Stockton office from 10 am to 12 noon. The meeting includes elections of new officers. To learn more about the current activities of CLASP click here: https://www.vmrc.net/clasp-2/

I’ll be participating in the Conference Organizing Committee for CLASP from 12 pm to 1:30 pm in the Director’s conference room.

I’ll be meeting with Doug Bonnet, Special Assistant to the Director, to review the activities of the week to come and desired outcomes.

I’ll be participating in a budget preparation meeting with the Chief Fiscal Officer, Claudia Reed, to prepare for the Senior Leadership 2019-2020 budget.

Tuesday June 25, 2019
The whole agency will be engaged in a staff training on the importance and techniques of employee acknowledgement including discussions on creating a culture of appreciation at Valley Mountain Regional Center. The training will be followed by a luncheon and program recognizing employees for their longevity and service at VMRC.

Wednesday June 26, 2019
I’ll be hosting the Training and Development workgroup meeting to get status reports on the administrative policies renewals, learning management system auditing, and feedback on original content training the team has developed.

I’ll be participating in an internal meeting to discuss issues impact our Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) providers.

I’ll be in the annual senior leadership budget meeting for 2019-2020 operations.

Thursday June 27, 2019
I’ll be attending a training on managing the BoardEffect application for the board of directors.

I’ll be in an advisory meeting with the leadership of Self-Advocacy Council (SAC 6) led by the President Jessica Quesada.

Friday June 28, 2019
Cindy Mix, Director of Consumer Services and I will be meeting with Matthew Devins, Stanislaus County Office of Education, SELPA Director, to review the status of an out of state placement and other matters.

I’ll be participating in the statewide Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Advisory Group to review a training schedule and communication plan from state’s private contractor

I’ll be meeting Rapone Anderson and Ernie Cruz of the Department of Developmental Services to discuss budget issues and consumer complaints.

Together with President Elect Margaret Heinz, Doug Bonnet and I will be meeting with incoming board member Alicia Schott as part of the onboard process for the new board members.