The James R. Popplewell Fund

The Popplewell Fund was created in 2012 to both honor the much beloved Dr. James R. Popplewell and provide a special fund to pay for emergency expenses our consumers face that the Lanterman Act does not allow regional centers to pay for. Sometimes our consumers are faced with emergency expenses that threaten their ability to maintain community living and a short term no interest loan or a small gift helps them sustain themselves during these hard times.


Dr. James Popplewell was the Valley Mountain Regional Center Medical Director until 2011. During his tenure at VMRC Dr. Popplewell was a tremendous advocate for people with developmental disabilities. He fought for their rights in the healthcare arenas like clinics, homes, and he fought especially hard for our consumers in hospital and in long term care settings, ensuring they had a knowledgeable and compassionate voice. He also provided clinical leadership and training to all VMRC staff and to care home providers on health issues consumers encounter. His advocacy was inspiring.


All requests for use of these funds will be reviewed on an individual, case-by-case basis. The requests come from the case managers as they learn of hardships their consumer may be facing. The Executive Director or designate will make the final decision as to whether the fund is accessed.

Depending on the circumstances, some disbursed funds may be considered a loan with repayment expected under terms agreed upon by both parties. No repayment of funds will be deemed necessary if elements surrounding the request are considered appropriate and no fault of the recipient’s own making. VMRC will provide an annual accounting of this fund each April to the VMRC Board of Directors.

Popplewell Fund Policy

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