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Public Disclosures and Transparency

Valley Mountain Regional Center Board Approved (Oct 2019) Policy on “Public Disclosures and Transparency”. The link above takes you to our original “Disclosures” page while this page is under construction.

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In accordance with the WIC Section 4629, our contract with DDS, and our own intention of being fully transparent in our operations VMRC will post at least all of the following on our website:

(1) Regional center annual independent audits.
(2) All fiscal audits conducted by DDS.
(3) Regional center annual reports pursuant to Section 4639.5.
(4) Contract awards, including the organization or entity awarded the contract, and the amount and purpose of the award.
(5) Purchase of service policies and any other policies, guidelines, or regional center-developed assessment tools used to determine the transportation, personal assistant, or independent or supported living service needs of a consumer.
(6) The names, types of service, and contact information of all vendors (this is a list of our services and the service provider)
(7) Board meeting agendas and approved minutes of open meetings of the board and all committees of the board.
(8) Bylaws of the regional center governing board.
(9) The annual performance contract, performance report, and year end performance contract entered into with the department pursuant to this division.
(10) The biannual Home and Community-based Services Waiver program review conducted by the department and the State Department of Health Care Services.
(11) The board-approved transparency and public disclosures policy.
(12) The board-approved conflict-of-interest policy and “Pending Conflict Resolution Plans
(13) A link to the DDS website.
(14) The salaries, wages: Bargaining Unit Employees and Non-bargaining Employees, and employee benefits for all positions of the regional center, including, but not limited to, directors and chief executive officers.
(15) Regional center-specific reports generated pursuant to, and for the purposes of, subdivision (h) of Section 4571 regarding Quality Assessments. The National Core Indicators is a good example of this type of assessment.
(16) Services and Descriptions.  DDS will create a document that will be easier to read and in multiple languages about the services available from regional centers and post it on their website. Once this document is completed and updated VMRC will create a link to that document. VMRC will also obtain copies of this document and deliver it to our consumers by email, weblink, US mail, and or hand delivered in-person whichever is preferred by the consumer and or their representative.
(17) Disability Rights California and the Clients’ Rights Advocate website links.
(18) Section 4731 Consumer Rights Complaints and Fair Hearing Requests. (This does not have to be posted on our website at this time but must be reported to DDS who will post on their website. A policy for regional center posting is still being developed on the state level.) 
(19) Performance dashboard developed by DDS.
(20) National Core Indicator outcome data.
(21) The VMRC Board of Directors Composition Report.
(22) Service Provider Corrective Action Plans and Sanctions. (This does not have to be posted on our website at this time but must be reported to DDS who will post on their website. A policy for regional center posting is still being developed on the state level.)
(23) Department Directives to VMRC.
(24) Holiday Schedule for service providers.
(25) Home and Community Based Services Final Rule Compliance Data.
(26) Any other reports required pursuant to WIC Section 4639.5 promulgated after the date of the approval of this policy.
(27) The DDS Transparency Portal on its website that allows consumers, families, advocates, and others to access provider and regional center information.
(28) Purchase of Service (POS) Disparity Public Meetings and Reports.

Additional Disclosures (Alphabetical Order)
(29) Annual CA NCI Reports VMRC
(30) Annual CA NCI Report 2011
(31) Appeals Outcomes and the Process (Consumers/Families)  (Providers)
(32) Board Training Plan
(33) Budget (VMRC Finance Committee publishes the budget every month in the agenda packet)
(34) Cal PERS Annual Valuation Report
(35)Expenditure Reports
(36)Mission, Vision and Values
(37) Notice of Privacy Practices   –    Notice of Privacy Practices Spanish
(38) Other Post Employment Benefits (OPEB) Actuarial Report
(39) Request for Proposals Policy
(40) Restricted Health Condition Care Plans
(41) Strategic Plan 2021
(42) Staffing Survey 2019
(43) Whistleblower Policy
(44) Zero Tolerance Policy

Department of Developmental Services Oversight Dashboard

The Department of Developmental Services (DDS) monitors the actions and efforts of Regional Centers to ensure they meet statutory, regulatory and contractual obligations, and uphold the values of the Lanterman Act, the legislation guiding the developmental services system in California. For more information on DDS’ monitoring activities, click on the oversight logo below:

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