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Transparency & Accountability

Public Disclosures

PURPOSE: The purpose of this policy to improve transparency and the public’s access to information pursuant to Welfare and Institutions code sections 4629.5(a) and 4629.5(b). To promote transparency and timely public access to information, Valley Mountain Regional Center shall
include on its Internet Web site, as expeditiously as possible, the following:
(1) Regional center annual independent audits.
(2) Biannual fiscal audits conducted by the department.
(3) Regional center annual reports pursuant to Section 4639.5.
(4) Contract awards, including the organization or entity awarded the contract, and the amount and purpose of the award.
(5) Purchase of service policies.
(6) The names, types of service, and contact information of all vendors, except consumers or family members of consumers.
(7) Board meeting agendas and approved minutes of open meetings of the board and all committees of the board.
(8) Bylaws of the regional center governing board.
(9) The annual performance contract and year-end performance contract entered into with the department pursuant to this division.
(10) The biannual Home and Community-based Services Waiver program review conducted by the department and the State Department of Health Care Services.
(11) The board-approved transparency and public information policy.
(12) The board-approved conflict-of-interest policy.
(13) Reports required pursuant to Section 4639.5.
(14) Information regarding requests for proposals and contract awards.
(15) Service provider rates.
(16) Documentation related to establishment of negotiated rates.

The transparency and public information policy shall be in compliance with applicable law relating to the confidentiality of consumer service information and records, including, but not limited to Section 4514.