Consumer Health (Physical & Emotional)

The Goal

VMRC proactively supports and empowers consumers to be healthy – physically, emotionally and mentally.

Specific Strategies

  1. VMRC will support Consumers/Families and Providers with COVID information and supports (Testing, Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) distribution, vaccine information, webinars, and info session).
  2. VMRC will promote awareness of Consumer health (physical and emotional factors), VMRC will engage in increased education and training campaign.
  3. VMRC will promote optimal Consumer health by promoting preventative health strategies: diet/lifestyle eating, exercise, health screenings, vaccines, health disparities and equity.
  4. VMRC will promote Consumer/Family Mental Health and Wellbeing, VMRC will proactively address issues of isolation, depression and emotional issues, as well as stress and anxiety.
  5. VMRC will support Consumers through identifying and addressing potential behavioral concerns, such as Autism Spectrum related behaviors and addiction, and related legal issues.
  6. VMRC will help optimally support children and families in our community, VMRC will monitor Child Find data and utilize data to help identify and target communities where children who are potentially at risk of developing a delay are not entering the regional center through Intake/Early Start.

Outcome Deliverables and Measures

Outcome MeasuresBaseline202220232024
Number of COVID Testing Events3
Number of PPE Events 25
Number of COVID positive cases 540
Number of COVID-19 Vaccinated Consumers (1 Dose) 376
Number of COVID-19 Health Advisory Newsletters, Info Sessions 49
Number of Mental Health related events hosted or advertised 4
Number of Child Find intakes 187
Number of flyers provided to community for outreach 1800
Number of Preventative Health related events hosted or advertised 1
Number of Social Media hits for Mental Health related postings 166
Number of people download Mental Health Tips, Resources — Baseline0
Number of people who request Mental Health Tools — Baseline
Number of Behavioral Health related trainings and events 1
Number of Referrals for BIS, LSRT (monthly average) 5.33
Number of Available Resources for Addiction Issues – Baseline0
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