Organizational Culture

The Goal

VMRC will continue to promote a healthy, supportive, inclusive, and diverse internal philosophy, where employees feel valued, respected, and empowered to support Consumer/families.

Specific Strategies

  • VMRC will cultivate and foster a culture of belonging, diversity, and inclusion.
    • We recognize, value, and appreciate each person.
    • We are aware of our own judgements, values, morals, and egos.
    • We seek to understand and learn and improve.
    • We encourage learning and understanding.
    • We work to create a community where everyone belongs and is accepted.
    • We hold ourselves, each other and the organization accountable for honoring each person.
    • We value and appreciate our diversity, it makes us better, it makes VMRC stronger.
  • VMRC will create and promote a culture of trust and unity between and across all staff, units, offices, and management.
    • All staff, independent of title, position, office, department or unit, will honor interpersonal communications, engaging each other humbly and respectfully.
    • VMRC, as an organization, and all staff recognize the equal value and input of each office, team and management level.
  • VMRC will create and promote a culture of support, so staff have the tools and are empowered to succeed.
  • VMRC will cultivate and foster a culture of Wellness.

Outcome Measures

Outcome MeasuresBaseline202220232024
Staff feel that VMRC honors and celebrates diverse
There is a culture of trust at the regional center44%
I feel comfortable asking for help when I need it85%
I feel empowered to take initiatives to solve problems.80%
Staff Survey: Added metric specific to culture of trust
and unity. (TBD)
I know what is expected of me at work.96%
My job description matches my job.79%
I feel like I am effective in my role within the regional
I am accountable for defined, measurable objectives.77%
The objectives and goals of my work unit are
reasonable and attainable.
In my unit, we identify barriers and obstacles and
resolve issues that could impact achievement of
Staff Metric: Assessment of Staff work-related stress
level (TBD)
Staff Metric: Assessment of Overall Wellness (TBD0
Number of Diversity/Cultural Competence Trainings,
Number of Human Resource Complaints re
Staff demographics vs Community demographicspending
Number of Recognitions/Celebrations each year5
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