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Eligible Condition (over age 3):
• Cerebral Palsy
• Epilepsy
• Autism Spectrum Disorder
• Intellectual Disability (SS = 70 or less)
• A condition similar to intellectual disability (SS = 75 or less) or a condition that requires treatment that is similar to a person with an intellectual disability


Substantially Handicapping (SS = 75 or less) adaptive functioning in at least 3 areas:
1. Self-Care (personal hygiene, grooming and feeding) – all ages
2. Communication (both expressive and receptive language)- all ages
3. Learning (IQ, academic achievement, memory, problem solving)- all ages
4. Mobility (independent ambulation)- all ages
5. Self-Direction (emotional development, interpersonal relationships and personal judgement)- all ages
6. Capacity for Independent Living (ages 6+)
7. Economic Self-Sufficiency (ages 13+)
*Deficits must be the direct result of an eligible condition.

• Qualifying condition must have originated before the age 18
• Also, likely to continue indefinitely

The law excludes conditions that are solely attributed to:
• Psychiatric condition
• Learning Disability
• Physical condition

Early Start Eligibility (under age 3):

  • Have a developmental delay of at least 33% in one or more areas of cognitive, communication, social or emotional, adaptive, or physical and motor development including vision and hearing; or

  • Have an established risk condition of known etiology, with a high probability of resulting in delayed development; or

  • Be considered at high risk of having a substantial developmental disability due to a combination of biomedical risk factors of which diagnosed by qualified personnel


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