Employment Initiative

Valley Mountain Regional Center’s Employment Initiative is a collective effort between our individuals, vendors, employers and the community to encourage Competitive Integrated Employment. Our Employment Specialist is a member of most of our local Chambers of Commerce, where he learns of their needs as businesses, not just “employers”, and he partners with them to access our workforce of workers with disabilities who can help them achieve their business goals. He also connects with local employment service providers to help them secure jobs, and is intimately joined with our school districts as they prepare a qualified workforce as a pipeline of talent for local businesses, non-profits, and government. Each of the 21 regional centers in California has hired an Employment Specialist to assist with this initiative to make sure our individuals receive “Real Work, for Real Pay, in the Real World”

The Employment Corner, by VMRC Employment Specialist Enos Edmerson, Jr.

Galletto Ristorante

Karyn Gallo, owner of Galletto Ristorante, was informed about Valley Mountain Regional Center and the individuals with developmental disabilities that we serve, and expressed interest in hiring one of our individuals at each of her restaurants. Valley Mountain Regional Center’s Employment Specialist, Enos Edmerson, Jr., met with Executive Chef Stephanie Chavez to discuss the specifics of the job description and the search was on. Through Valley Mountain Regional Center’s partnerships, 3 candidates were submitted for interview. According to Chef Stephanie each interviewed well, but the one candidate that would be the best fit was Pedro Perez. Pedro has been working for Galletto Ristorante for a month now. Chef Stephanie and Karyn report that he is a hard worker and a valued member of the crew. So many people helped with this partnership, so a special recognition to Modesto Transition Program Manager Neidra Clayton, VMRC Modesto Staff, and Ignacio Chavez, UCP, for all contributing to making this partnership a success. Also, a special thanks to Karyn Gallo, owner of Galletto Ristorante, for providing this opportunity and allowing for Pedro Perez to work in a Competitive Integrated Employment worksite.

The Employment Specialist

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