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How To Apply For Services

People are referred to VMRC by schools, hospitals, doctors, other families, etc.  When they or their families contact VMRC, persons three years of age or older are assigned an Intake Coordinator whose job is to acquaint the applicant and his/her family with VMRC and its services, coordinate the diagnostic and eligibility determination process, and provide any needed short term interventions.

The Team
An interdisciplinary team consisting of the Intake Coordinator, various specialists, and the family, determines whether the applicant has a substantial handicap caused by a developmental disability. This process requires written evaluations and various diagnostic tests (usually at least a medical, psychological or developmental evaluation).

Under 3 Years Old
Youngsters under three years of age are referred directly to an Early Start Intake Coordinator who begins the eligibility determination process. It is important to meet legally-mandated timelines so that the child and family can begin receiving services as soon as possible.

Who to Contact for Services:
To refer a child or adult for an assessment of eligibility call any VMRC office.

In San Joaquin County call: (209) 473-0951
In Stanislaus County call: (209) 529-2626
In Amador, Calaveras and Tuolumne County call: (209) 754-1871

27 thoughts on “How To Apply For Services”

  1. Gil Seegmiller says:

    I am a conservator of my younger brother with ASD. I am highly interested in transferring his case to your county.

    1. Doug Bonnet says:

      Hi Gil,

      I just replied to your question via email.

    2. Leola Powell says:

      I am the care giver for my 2sons they some from mental health I trying to get applying for the program work shop lam also disable and on SSI

      1. Doug Bonnet says:

        Hi Leola,

        I just sent you an email with some follow up questions.

      2. Doug Bonnet says:

        Hi Leola,

        I just sent you an email with some follow up questions.

    3. How do i apply for assistance for my son whom is 3 with Autism

      1. Doug Bonnet says:

        Hi Tamar,

        I just sent you an email with some information.

        1. Melissa Geary says:

          Please email me also, for information about services referral.

          1. Doug Bonnet says:

            Hi Melissa,

            I just sent you an email. If you would like to refer someone to us, the directions are located here

    4. Nicole B says:

      Hello. i have a 16 month daughter who i believe may be autistic. her doctor continues to sweep it under the rug when i ask, i’m wanting to get her evaluated.

      1. Doug Bonnet says:

        Hi Nicole,

        I just replied to you via email.

  2. Melinda Drewrey says:

    Regarding eligibility for Allison Schmidt. DOB 9.22.1972. I called on 9-14-19 to apply. Requesting status update please 916.316.0429

    1. Doug Bonnet says:

      Hi Melinda,

      I’ve forwarded your inquiry to our intake manager who will look into this.

      1. I called to get my son services and spoke with someone on Jan 23rd . Several weeks have gone by and I have not been contacted for an intake appointment.

        1. Doug Bonnet says:

          Hi Nadell,

          I just sent you an email with some follow up questions.

      2. Stephanie Rodriguez says:

        Been trying since Friday February 21, 2020 to get my child tested i’ve left 2 messages and no response.

        1. Doug Bonnet says:

          Hi Stephanie,

          I just sent you an email with some follow up questions.

    2. Leslie remick says:

      I called last week and left a message regarding my son…Wednesday I believe. No rerun call. Hoping I can get into contact with someone soon.

      1. Doug Bonnet says:


        I just sent you an email following up on this.

  3. Maria says:

    Hi, We are new to this process, my son was recently diagnosed and I was given this website to reach out for help with therapy. I have also called the main line and left a detailed message. Thank you in advance.

    1. Doug Bonnet says:

      Hi Maria,

      I just sent you an email with some follow up questions.

  4. cassandra wray says:

    I need a form for a medical waiver ( we make too much but not enough to pay for all the services ) . My son was just diagnosed with autism today through vmrc.

    1. Doug Bonnet says:

      Hi Cassandra,

      I just sent you an email with some follow up questions.

  5. I have an adult son who I think needs ur services. he was special ed his entire school time.

    1. Doug Bonnet says:

      Hi Sandi,

      I just sent you some information via email.

  6. SANDRA ORTIZ says:

    Hola buenas noches, tengo un niño de casi 5 años y últimamente, no ha tenido un buen comportamiento, se frustra demaciado, me interesa mucho recibir asistencia. Una amiga me dijo recomendo venir al centro! No sabia a donde dirigirme!!!

    1. Doug Bonnet says:

      Hola Sandra, gracias por su llamada. Una de nuestras especialistas en referencias que habla español le llmará por teléfono.

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