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Person Centered Thinking

Person-Centered Thinking and Planning

Think Purpose First

To help people have better lives, not just better paper. To help people have better lives we should be able to answer these 6 questions

  • What do people like, admire, or appreciate about the person?
  • What is important to the person?
  • What do others need to know or do if people are to have both what is important to and important for addressed and in balance?
  • What outcomes will help the person move toward a desired life with a balance between important to and important for?
  • What goals will help the person achieve these outcomes?

What actions are needed to meet the goals?

Person Centered Thinking Person Centered Thinking Skills Are Underlies and guides respectful listening which leads to actions, resulting in people who: A set of skills that reflect and reinforce values that:

  • Have positive control over the life they desire and find satisfying Propel the learning cycle
  • Are recognized and valued for the contributions (current and potential) to their communities Help us support rather than fix
  • Are supported in a web of relationships, both natural and paid within their communities.

Person Centered Skills Are a set of skills that reflect and reinforce values that…

  • Propel the learning cycle
  • Help us support rather than fix
  • Work for Humans
  • Work at every level of the organization

    Build the culture of learning, partnership, and accountability

    Affirm our belief that everyone can learn

More to Come…