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Getting Through This Together


Valley Mountain Reginal Center sends it prayers and condolences to all that have been impacted by the senseless shootings that took place yesterday in Monterey Park and today in Half Moon Bay. In the upcoming days much will be reported about the reasons, but no words can explain or justify these violent crimes.  Our Asian and Pacific Islander community was often targeted during the pandemic and while these recent events have not been reported as hate crimes, most, if not all of the victims are AAPI and this is clearly retraumatizing for our AAPI friends, families and allies and others impacted by violence. 


If you have been directly or indirectly impacted by these traumatic events, please reach out to our Employee Assistance Program ( or contact Human Resources for assistance.  You are not alone and have the support of VMRC and its resources.  Reach out if you may be experiencing emotional anxiety or stress.  Your mental health is important to us. 


Please know that VMRC is a place where everyone belongs and together we will get through these difficult times. 


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Tony Anderson

Executive Director

Valley Mountain Regional Center

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