Valley Mountain Regional Center

The Dream


One day, my dream is to become a sports commentator for NASCAR (National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing) and the Open Wheel International Racing league known as Indy car NHRA (National Hotrod Association). I love watching Auto racing and when I do watch auto racing, I’m not just cheering on my favorite driver, but I am also enjoying the announcers of the races.

I am also a die hard fan of the Oklahoma Sooners and I love drinking Dr. Pepper which is the official sponsor of the team. I was a Mountain Dew drinker until Dale Earnhardt Jr. quit racing for Nascar. I also miss seeing the Dr. Pepper racecar on the track because I enjoy drinking Dr. Pepper.

Marco Andretti is the grandson of Mario Andretti and the son of Michael Andretti. Marco Andretti is my favorite Indy Car racer. At one point, I was a Dan Wheldon fan, but we lost him in an accident during the 2011 Indy car Championship race. Dan Wheldon was a two time Indianapolis 500 winner (2005/2011).

I’ve been to Nascar and the Pirelli World Challenge once at the Sonoma raceway. I’ve also been to the World of Outlaws Dirt Sprint cars once and I also have been to 10 monster truck tours in my life. I want to go to an Indy car event and an NHRA event at some point as well.

When I went to a monster truck tour for the 10th time, I met 3 of the drivers. One of the monster truck tours I went too was the Malicious Monster truck tour which I enjoyed watching on YouTube since 2016. I said to the drivers, “I came to see you guys,” and they said, “We’re glad to hear that!” I received an autograph on the back of my t-shirt from a monster truck driver that I enjoyed watching on YouTube prior to the event. I enjoyed the Malicious Monster truck tour with some Dr. Pepper and I also enjoyed watching the Mini outlaws who were also on the tour. This show was held at the Merced Fairgrounds. I later contacted the announcer of the Malicious Monster Truck tour online and said to him that I tried to say hello and he couldn’t hear me. The announcer responded and said that he was sorry we didn’t meet.  I wish I could go to the Sonoma Nationals this year, but it may not happen.

I also love watching Nascar classics on YouTube. I watched an old race from the year before I was born, 1992, at the Sonoma Raceway when it was called Sears Point Raceway. Benny Parsons was the announcer of the races on ESPN Speedworld. Benny Parsons is also a former driver. Benny said something funny during the 1992 Winston cup Savemart Supermarkets 300 and I didn’t hear the comment until I was 24 years old watching YouTube. It is funny to think that this happened just one year before I was born which I was born in 1993.  

I do want to mention something about David Beckham, a famous soccer player from the United Kingdom. David Beckham came to my school when I was in the 3rd grade at Moon Elementary. Two of my classmates played soccer with him and the rest of my classmates were mad they didn’t get a Popsicle because they didn’t join David Beckham on the soccer field. I enjoy sports and I hope one day my dream comes true.


Caleb Hodge.