Valley Mountain Regional Center

Our Community Resource Development Plan and Community Placement Plan


The current Valley Mountain Regional Center (VMRC) Community Resource Development Plan (CRDP)/ Community Placement Plan (CPP) which includes the following developments are intended to meet the unmet needs of consumers and to avoid of the use of more restrictive institutionalized settings. All proposals are contingent on VMRC receiving start-up funding from the California Department of Developmental Services.

Our project proposals include

More on Enhanced Behavioral Support Homes:

Specific Purpose
A consumer admitted to an EBSH will be in need of intensive behavioral services and supports. This provision is necessary to define what is meant by the term “emergency intervention”.

Rationale for Necessity
This adoption is necessary to ensure consistency and congruence between the Department and the Department of Social Services, and to specify that emergency interventions only occur during the time period a consumer presents a danger to self or others. Additionally, this language is similar to that used in Section 1180.4 (b) of the Health and Safety Code, which allows a facility to use behavioral restraints for behavioral emergencies only when a person’s behavior presents an imminent danger of serious harm to self or others.