Valley Mountain Regional Center

Legislative Day at VCDI


Friday, April 12, was Legislative Day at the Vocational Coaching and Development Institute (VCDI) day program in Modesto.  Attendees of the day program were able to learn about important legislative on goings that may have an impact on their lives in a presentation given by VMRC Legal Affairs Analyst, Anthony Hill, and VMRC Board Member Mohamad Rashid.

Some of the topics covered in the presentation were an overview of Governor Gavin Newsome’s proposed 2019-2020 budget, specifically focusing on budget measures impacting the IDD community, DDS budget items, regional center budgets, caseload growth, safety net resources and ARCA’s positions.  There was also discussion with the attendees about supporting the budget policy that seeks restoration of social recreation services, eliminating uniformed holidays, and other ARCA proposal. 

“The VCDI staff were instrumental in rearranging consumer’s schedules so many of the program’s participants that chose to attend this event were able to do so, said VMRC Legal Affairs Analyst Anthony Hill.”  “Mohamed and I were so fortunate to have the opportunity to share information with our community.”

The 50 or so consumers and VCDI staff that attended asked many questions about each topic discussed.  “The energy in the room was fantastic,” said Hill.  “Unity during this event was definitely present and heartfelt.”

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