Valley Mountain Regional Center

Public Notice: VMRC 2019-2020 Community Placement Plan (CPP) and Community Resource Development Planning (CRDP)


Valley Mountain Regional Center has been collecting input over the past year, in meetings with our community, regarding the needs of the people we serve.

VMRC is proposing the following projects as priorities for CPP/CRDP resource development:


  1. Community Crisis Home – Licensed home for up to 4 adults that can support individuals with complex behavioral/mental health stabilization support needs including individuals transitioning from institutional settings into the community.
  2. Enhanced Behavioral Support Home – Licensed home for up to four adults specializing in supporting/treating individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury. VMRC has currently two consumers with TBIs residing at Porterville Developmental Center and 4 consumers with TBIs residing outside our catchment area, some have expressed the desire to return closer to their home communities if needed services were available.
  3. Enhanced Behavioral Support Home  – Licensed home for four children/adolescents with significant behavioral challenges, two of the beds to be designated respite beds. VMRC currently has few out-of-home placement options for behaviorally challenged children and even fewer respite options. This home will provide short-term intense behavioral treatment and once treatment goals are met, the supports needed to transition back to the family home.  It will also provide families an opportunity to get a break from caring for their children by providing respite beds.
  4. Emergency  Mobile Tele Psychiatry – VMRC currently cannot provide immediate access to psychiatric care. This service would include crisis intervention specialists to respond to emergency situations, who if needed, would access a  psychiatrist via face time for consultation and assistance with implementation of appropriate supports.


We invite you to email your comments on the identified priorities for CPP/CRDP development to

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