Valley Mountain Regional Center

VMRC Leadership Trained in the Art of Acknowledgement


When the leadership team at Valley Mountain Regional Center attended their quarterly management meeting on April 2nd in Stockton, little did they know that they would be asking their fellow co-leaders the question, “what is it that you have done, in the last day or week that you would like to be acknowledged for?”

Acknowledging others, accepting acknowledgement and being engaged in your employees were just a few of the things that consultant Christopher Littlefield spoke about to the team. Littlefield’s energy, excitement and engaging tone and content swept through the Cohen Board Room and made the leaders reflect on exactly just how they can work on their acknowledgement skills.

“The training was very informative with a wealth of great information, said Stockton Children’s Unit Manager Danielle Wells. The activities were fun and interactive. Chris was a great speaker! He was very entertaining and engaging!” This wasn’t your typical management training. Littlefield challenged the leaders to “get out of their comfort zone”, and used interactive activities, humor, fun games and discussion topics to deliver his message. He also had the leaders reflect on their own self-care, teaching them to notice potential burnout before it happens.

“The information was valuable but more importantly, the delivery of the
information was engaging and appropriately utilized, said Resource Development Manager Robert Fernandez. “Chris offered tangible resources in document, visual and passionate personal form. The information is applicable in professional and personal settings. A definite must have as far as a great training.” Valley Mountain Regional Center plans to have Littlefield back for another training, this one with all staff, this summer.

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