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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

Valley Mountain Regional Center, A Place Where Everyone Belongs.

Valley Mountain Regional Center’s diversity and equity outreach is an effort to expand our responsiveness and affinity for our diverse sectors of our developmental disabilities community within our valley and mountain regions.  We achieve this by reaching out and participating in the public square whenever and wherever it’s engaged, helping to build connections and agency, and strengthening the advocacy of individuals with developmental disabilities. Finally, and inline with the famous quote by Gandhi, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”, we have an internal group called the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee that is busy working ensure all employees feel they can bring their full selves to the workplace so we all benefit from the richness of our diversity and that VMRC truly is a place where everyone belongs.   

2021 Purchase of Services (POS) Expenditures Meetings

To view the March 25, 2021 VMRC Purchase of Services (POS) Expenditures Meeting held in English, click here.

To view the March 29, 2021 VMRC Purchase of Services (POS) Expenditures Meeting held in Spanish, click here.

2021 Cultural and Linguistic Competence

VMRC DEI Committee Initiatives

We started working as a group in October 2019. The project is with Georgetown University and it includes North Bay as well. I got the funding through a Disparity Grant that was written by SCDD, DRC, and the UCEDs.  We are at the point where we are wrapping up our final report (attached is a draft of our first report) to Georgetown which includes our learning experience plus our plans for moving forward which include:  (1) Continuing our CLC Committee (currently the DEI Committee)  and adding some outside stakeholders. (2) We are holding focus groups with independent community groups and receiving input from them. It’s a unique process where we ask a representative a few questions but they have their own meeting without us then their leaders report back to us. (3) We have an internal workgroup that recruits interested employees each month to help highlight information about different holidays or recognitions that have a cultural element to it (attached). (4) We added questions regarding cultural competence in our strategic plan survey and issues came up for us to address in strategic planning (one of the issues is to develop a Diversity Policy for the organization including questions in the interviews, descriptions in the job descriptions, and vendor packet questions.

Purchase of Service (POS) Disparity Presentation August 2020

Presentacion Disperidades August 2020

2019 Cultural Fair

Our 3rd Annual Cultural Fair was held on Saturday, October 5th at our Stockton office. The event was attended by over 1300 people and over 80 vendors. To see local media coverage on the event, click the links below.

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2019 Cultural Fair Facebook Videos

2019 Cultural Fair Photo Album

VMRC Purchase of Service (POS) Disparity Minutes, March 2019

VMRC Purchase of Service (POS) Disparity Presentation, English

VMRC Purchase of Service (POS) Disparity Presentation, Spanish

June 20, 2019 – Update
The Department of Developmental Services recently made four reports about what they are doing to reduce Disparities in using services. Each one is written in English and Spanish.
1. Background and Process for Developing Disparity Measures(PDF)
2. List of Disparity Measures (PDF)
3. Disparity Measures (with How-To-Read) (PDF)

4. Appendix (PDF)

El propósito de las medidas es permitir que el departamento, los consumidores y las familias, y otras partes interesadas, hagan un seguimiento del progreso en la reducción de las disparidades.
1. Antecedentes y Proceso para Desarrollar Medidas de Disparidad(PDF)
2. Lista de Medidas de Disparidad (PDF)

3. Medidas de Disparidad (con Instrucciones para Leer) (PDF)

4. Apéndice (PDF)