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Resource Development

Valley Mountain Regional Center’s Current Request for Proposals (RFPs)

The purpose for this page is to share with our community the list of services and service provider categories we need in our region as determined by our Resource Development department. This team identifies these needs through consultation from our case management staff, clinical staff,  and various community groups and forums. If you are a professional qualified to provide any of the following services please consider pursuing our RFP process. If you know a provider who might be interested please forward the RFP to them for their consideration. 

Children’s Enhanced Behavioral Supports Home (11/26/19)

Adult’s Enhanced Behavioral Supports Home (11/26/19)

Children’s Residential Services

Comprehensive Early Start Specialized Therapeutic Services

Community Crisis Home (CCH) for Children (Nov. 2019)

Enhanced Behavioral Supports Home (EBSH) for Adults (Nov. 2019)

Certified Occupational Therapists – (Oct 2019)

Licensed General Contractors (Oct 2019)



Intermediate Care Facility (ICF)/Developmentally Disabled-Nursing (DD-N) Stanislaus County (Oct 2019)

RFP Application Package ICF/DD-N Stanislaus County (Oct 2019)

Early Start/Clinical – All Counties (Oct 2019)


Older RFPs (these may or may not still be needed)

Transportation Services – Stanislaus County

Translators Needed