Special Incident Reporting

The California Department of Developmental Services (DDS) and regional centers monitor the occurrence of adverse events, captured through Special Incident Reports (SIRs), in an effort to identify trends and develop strategies to prevent and mitigate risks to consumer health and safety.

As required by Section 54327 of Title 17 of the California Code of Regulations, vendors and long-term health care facilities must report occurrences of suspected abuse, suspected neglect, serious injury/accident requiring medical attention, unplanned hospitalization, and missing persons, if they occur when a consumer is receiving services funded by a regional center (under vendored care).

In addition, any occurrence of consumer mortality or a consumer being the victim of a crime must be reported whether or not it occurred while the consumer was under vendored care.


Valley Mountain Regional Center requires vendors and long-term health care facilities to report occurrences of containment/restraint, emergency room visits, law enforcement/APS/CPS involvement (if a report is completed), natural disaster and negative media attention.


SIRs can be submitted to VMRC via email to the dedicated email for the respective office:


Stockton: SIRStockton@vmrc.net 

Modesto: SIRModesto@vmrc.net

San Andreas: SIRSanAndreas@vmrc.net


Or via fax:


Stockton                 209-955-3673

Modesto                 209-557-2111

San Andreas            209-754-3211


SIR Form:


SIR Form in Word


SIR From (Fillable)


SIR Cheat Sheet


If you have questions regarding SIR coding please contact your Community Services Liaison (CSL), or Special Projects Liaison : Stacie Shaw at SShaw@vmrc.net or (209) 955-3222 or Pa Yang at PYang@vmrc.net or (209) 955-3699.


For transportation related SIRs please contact our transportation broker R & D Transportation Services, Inc. Customer Service Department at: (209) 362-2199.

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