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Coalition of Local Area Service Providers
The Coalition of Local Area Service Providers (CLASP), is an association of Valley Mountain Regional Center (VMRC) service providers that serve as the professional advisory committee for the regional center. We represent the interests and the point of view of service providers on the VMRC Consumer Services Committee, the Nominating Committee, the Finance Committee, and we hold a seat on the Board of Directors of VMRC.  These positions are written in statute of the Lanterman Act and or the VMRC by-laws. Our meetings are held  monthly. CLASP meetings take place at Valley Mountain Regional Center, 702 North Aurora Street in Stockton, from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. on the 4th Monday of every month.

The CLASP Leadership:
Melanie Gonzales, President, Marisol Moreno, Vice-President, Candice Bright, CLASP Elected VMRC Board Representative, Tamara Hernandez, Treasurer, Chris Martin, Secretary, Candice Bright,  Daime Hoornaert, VMRC Consumer Services Rep, Connie Uychutin, VMRC Finance Committee Representative, Karyn Gregorius, Membership Coordinator, Diana Bonnett, Past President.

Melanie Gonzales, President
Karyn Gregorius, Member Coordinator

CLASP Meetings:

August 2021

Agenda:  August 23, 2021

July 2021

Agenda:  July 26, 2021

Minutes:  July 26, 2021

June 2021

Agenda:  June 28, 2021

Minutes:  June 28, 2021

MembershipMembership Survey for 2021-2022
Annual Membership costs $25 a year and entitles members to discounts on CLASP sponsored training and conferences, access to the CLASP e-mail group LISTSERV, Provider Action Alerts, and collegial professional development. 
2021-2022 Membership Form


Message from the president…

“The Coalition of Local Area Providers (CLASP) is a dynamic group of provider leaders across the spectrum of services provided in the VMRC catchment area. Over the past year CLASP has banded together to share vital information, ensured providers had personal protective equipment (PPE), kept providers abreast of the constant changes to regulations and processes, and provided a tremendous amount of support to providers during one of the most difficult times in recent history. CLASP is one of the most active provider groups in the State and meetings provide a valuable opportunity to discuss what is important to providers while working collaboratively with Regional Center leaders to improve circumstances for providers and those we support. Join CLASP today and take advantage of all of the great resources the group has to offer. Hope to see you soon!”

Melanie Gonzales, CLASP President
Northern California Director
Community Catalysts of California

2nd Annual CLASP Provider Conference was held over a period of three days. Since the residential, day program, in-home services, and all the providers in our region have difficulties getting the required continuing education units, this year we managed to get our price down to a bare minimum $25. This was possible because many of our speakers have agreed to provide their sessions at no cost to us and CLASP agreed to underwrite the event in case we lost money, but in the end we actually made a small profit which we use to pay for future training events and special projects for the members.

Presentations from the Conference
November 5, 2020
Nancy Bargmann, Director of DDS, PowerPoint Presentation 
Laura Brackin, Ph.D., Brackin and Associates, November 5, 2020 PowerPoint Presentation

Day 1 Evaluation Survey:

November 10, 2020
Vance Taylor (OES) Presentation (to be posted) 
Nicole Paterson (DDS) Presentation (to be posted) 

Day 2 Evaluation Survey:

November 17, 2020
Jason Freeman (Advocate): Download a free copy of his book, Awkwardly Awesome. 
Valley Mountain Regional Center Community Services Presentation (HCBS Final Rule, Visiting Guidelines, DDS Expectations Returning from Hospital etc., Provider Information Notice 20-12-CRP, CCL Info Call, Consumer Travel, and Visitation with Families

Day 3 Evaluation Survey:

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Resources

Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Information Sheet




HCBS Final Rule Presentation