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Coalition of Local Area Service Providers
The Coalition of Local Area Service Providers (CLASP), is an association of Valley Mountain Regional Center (VMRC) service providers that serve as the professional advisory committee for the regional center. We represent the interests and the point of view of service providers on the VMRC Consumer Services Committee, the Nominating Committee, the Finance and Personnel committee, and we hold a seat on the Board of Directors of VMRC.  These positions are written in statute of the Lanterman Act and or the VMRC by-laws. Our meetings are held  monthly. CLASP meetings take place at Valley Mountain Regional Center, 702 North Aurora Street in Stockton, from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. on the 4th Monday of every month.

Annual Membership costs $25 a year and entitles members to discounts on CLASP sponsored training and conferences, access to the CLASP e-mail group LISTSERV, Provider Action Alerts, and collegial professional development. 
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Message from the president…  “We invite our entire vendor community to join the Coalition of Local Area Service Providers (CLASP)! This monthly forum is a wonderful opportunity to get to know other people providing services in your area, learn about changes to policies and regulations that may directly affect you, and receive guidance and support whether you are a new provider or a veteran in the industry. In addition, you receive training discounts and access to a mailing list about upcoming events and relevant legislative changes.”

The CLASP Leadership:
Corinne Seaton, President, Diana Bonnet, Vice-President, Liz Herrera Knapp, CLASP Elected VMRC Board Rep, Marisol Moreno, Treasurer, Chris Martin, Secretary, Candice Bright, Daime Hoornaert, VMRC Consumer Services Rep, Connie Uychutin, VMRC Finance Committee Representative, Karyn Gregorius, Membership Coordinator.

Upcoming Special Event: Attend the Inaugural Provider Conference, To learn more click here...

September 2019
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Download Event ProgramWith only 19 Days left to register our provider conference is running out of space. Register today to reserve your spot.
Join us on:October 8, 2019for the CLASP Inaugural Provider Conference: Re-Energize 2019 Stribley Center in Stockton 1760 E. Sonora Street, 95205
Get inspired, learn, network with your colleagues, and earn 6 CEUs. Join us for our first inaugural provider conference by the Coalition of Local Area Service Providers (CLASP) . We’re calling it “Re-Energize 2019.” We are really excited to bring to you a top notch line up of knowledgeable and inspiring speakers. This event includes conversations on developmental services public policy, several themes important to the Home and Community Based Services New Rules, practical tips and large scale innovations in providing services, and best of all, provides you with a great opportunity to network with local colleagues and professionals from across the country. We hope to see you there.
Accept Every Offer: The Power of “Yes, And…”Peter Leidy
Peter will kick off the event with a fun and entertaining look at the human service world through music and laughter. Peter will then give an energized presentation on providing person centered services by respecting their own humanity. One of the rules of improv comedy is to accept every offer. To switch from “yes, but” to “yes, AND”. On stage, blocking your partner’s idea is not allowed, because it stops the story in its tracks and makes your partner look bad. In our workplace, blocking is common. It doesn’t have to be. We will not be performing in this session, but rather learning how skills can be used in our work. Improv provides a supportive environment that allows participants to take risks, generate new ideas in less time, and build confidence. It invites us to imagine new possibilities for connections, valued social roles, and inclusion.    
Moving from Programs to Supports
Lynne Seagle, Executive Director of Hope House Foundation
Lynne shares her agency’s journey of closing their group homes and moving from providing programs to supporting people to live truly individualized lives. Lynne’s session is delivered with humor and learning that is transferable to all populations within the human services industry. Lynne connects her stories to basic principles that have guided Hope House Foundation and the staff they employ. This agency has received a number of national awards for their work, specifically in the areas of inclusion, creativity in fundraising and safe and affordable housing. Lynne will expose participants to the process of change while learning about one organization’s experience when it moved from providing group services to individualized services. She will then provide us the opportunity to see what is possible and what needs to change within our current system of disability services.
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“The Best of Times, and the Worst of Times”: The National Imperative to Shape Policy, Share Solutions & Strengthen Communities
Barbara Merrill, Esq., CEO,
American Network of Community Options and Resources
How will the 2020 elections impact services for people with disabilities? What has changed under the Trump Administration from the previous administration? What impact did the 2018 mid-term elections have? To what extent are policy, regulatory and funding trends influenced by who controls the White House, Congress and State Capitals – and what role are national and state associations playing? To what extent are state level developments influencing national policies, i.e., to what extent is “what happens in Vegas , (actually) staying in Vegas”? Join this interactive session for a breakdown of what is and isn’t at stake, and how providers are advancing solutions across state borders to protect and advance inclusive quality services.  
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Nancy Bargmann,
California Department of Developmental Services Director
Nancy will give insight into the conversations around our service system in state public policy. Nancy will give us a glimpse into the potential future of the direction impacting all people with developmental disabilities, their families, and the providers that support them all. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to hear from our state director. Nancy has several years of statewide and national public policy experience and most importantly worked as a service provider during her career which gives her a deep appreciation for our entire developmental services system.
In the afternoon we’ll dig a little deeper into these discussions in a variety of breakouts designed to provide you with more detail and give you an opportunity for more engagement with the speakers. More details to come in the next announcement…
Nuts and Bolts
Lynne Seagle,
Executive Director
Hope House
learn more from Lynne on the details of how Lynne and her organization evolved
Know Your Community: Your Local, State, and National Community Systems
Tony Anderson, Valley Mountain Regional Center and
Dena Hernandez, North Valley Hills Office, State Council on Developmental Services
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Current “Hot Button” Common Issues in Local Community ServicesValley Mountain Regional Center Quality Assurance Staff
Home and Community Based Services Waiver – New RulesValley Mountain Regional Center HCBS Evaluator
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Communicating with Policy MakersTony Anderson and Dena HernandezPerson Centered MappingMary Ellen Sousa, Director, Creative Support Alternatives
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Sponsorship OpportunitiesIn order to keep our registration cost down, CLASP is seeking sponsors who would like to help support us in the professional development of our local community service providers. We’re looking for an event sponsor, keynote speaker sponsors, breakout session sponsors and other supporters. This will be a great opportunity to share your information with our community, meet the local leaders of organizations, and show your overall support for our efforts to provide the highest quality service to our consumers and families.
Presentation Sponsors To Date:Valley Mountain Regional CenterTherap Services
Community Support Sponsors To Date:Creating Behavioral + Educational Momentum (CBEM) – Community Support Sponsor
CLASP MEMBERSHIPCLASP MembershipMessage from the president…  “We invite our entire vendor community to join the Coalition of Local Area Service Providers (CLASP)! This monthly forum is a wonderful opportunity to get to know other people providing services in your area, learn about changes to policies and regulations that may directly affect you, and receive guidance and support whether you are a new provider or a veteran in the industry. In addition, you receive training discounts and access to a mailing list about upcoming events and relevant legislative changes.” 
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