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Medicare Part D

On January 1, 2006 Medicare (Part D) began funding prescription medication for Medicare beneficiaries. This policy change required VMRC consumers who are dually eligible for both Medi-Cal and Medicare to enroll in an approved Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan.
In response, VMRC helped consumers with enrollment in the “best fit” Prescription Drug Plan. However, selecting the “best fit plan” was not an easy undertaking. For an example, careful review of the consumer’s medications regimen was required. In addition, for each consumer, VMRC had to differentiate coverage offered by each plan and analyze the impact of quantity limits, step therapy and prior authorization requirements.
Since January 1, 2006, and every year thereafter, the Medicare Part D program has experienced changes. Participating Prescription Drug Plans’ costs for premiums, costs for co-pays and medication restrictions have not remained constant.
Yet, the opportunity to select the “best fit plan” remains unchanged. The most effective way for avoidance of substantially higher than necessary out-of-pocket costs in the form of co-pays and premiums is by identification, selection, and enrollment in the “best fit” Prescription Drug Plan.
If you need assistance with selecting the “best fit” Prescription Drug Plan, contact:
Soledad-Gutierrez-Cabral 209-955-3325 and Mary Duncan 209-955-3635.
Medicare Prescription Drug Plans for VMRC
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Pharmacy Information

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