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Medical Waiver / Deeming Waiver

Medicaid Waiver

The Home and Community-Based Services Waiver (HCBS), also known as the Medicaid Waiver, allows the State of California to receive federal reimbursement, via Medicaid funding, for providing services to people with developmental disabilities in the community rather than in institutional settings. To participate in the Medicaid Waiver program, people served by VMRC must meet specific eligibility criteria.  You must have certain level of care needs, must have full-scope Medi-Cal, must use a Medicaid Waiver billable service, and must indicate their choice to live in the community by signing a “choice form.” The Medicaid Waiver team will assess your eligibility.

Institutional Deeming

This program helps families get Medi-Cal for their minor children through a program called “institutional deeming.” This program removes the parents’ income from consideration, and the child’s income is used to determine eligibility for Medi-Cal. Families who are institutionally deemed must also enroll in the Medicaid Waiver.

Contact Us

If you are interested in Medi-Cal health insurance coverage for your child through the Medicaid Waiver program, please contact Misty Yang (209) 955-3325,  Mary Duncan (209) 955-3635, Megan Riddle (209) 955-3617 or Carrie Murthy (209) 955-3354.

Flyer: Home and Community Based Services Waiver for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.

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