Telephone Numbers

San Joaquin County (Main Office)

Phone: 209-473-0951
Fax: Mail Room: 209-473-0256
Case Management (Copy Room): 209-478-3539
Case Management (West Side): 209-473-0719
Clinical Services: 209-956-6439
Stockton SIRs Only: 209-955-3673
Community Services: 209-955-3232
Fiscal/POS: 209-955-3623
Confidential HR: 209-955-3249


Stanislaus County (Branch Office)

Phone: 209-529-2626
Fax: Modesto 2nd Floor: 209-557-2173
Modesto 3rd Floor: 209-557-2174
Modesto SIRs Only: 209-557-2111


Amador, Calaveras, Tuolumne Counties (Branch Office)

Phone: 209-754-1871
Fax: 209-754-3211

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