Executive Director Recruitment

Margaret Heinz, 07/01/2023-06/30/2024
Past President, Special Education Teacher, San Joaquin County

The Executive Director Selection Committee (Search Committee) chaired by Margaret Heinz, Immediate Past President, is currently working on the recruitment for our next Executive Director. The committee intends to be fair and transparent about the process and of course discrete regarding who the applicants are including the status of the final candidates. The committee will receive anonymous input from staff and the community regarding the priorities of leadership characteristics and concerns and comments but we will remove any identifiable information so the candidates all have fair and equal chances to make their own case for selection.

Resources and Engagement

How to Apply (Job Description)

Email your resume/cv and cover letter c/o Margaret Heinz, Chair VMRC ED Selection Committee: ED Recruiting Process: EDRecruitingProcess@VMRC.NET

Prospectus (updated December 2023)

The Selection Committee Prospectus, is a document that describes the committee, its members, and their priorities and passions, and serves as a resource distributed to prospective candidates for the Executive Director position. It gives the candidates an understanding of who will be working on making the hiring recommendation to the board of directors and includes more insight into the organization and the position.

Recruitment Plan (updated Dec 1, 2023) 

The recruitment plan is a document setting out the procedural best practices for the selection process with target dates meeting various milestones. It is a guide for the committee to stay on on track with their assertive hiring goals.

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