COVID-19 Related Resources

California COVID-19 Resource Websites*


Department of Developmental Services Directives

Statewide Case Statistics

California Coronavirus COVID-19 link is

Guidance Relating to Non-Discrimination in Medical Treatment for COVID-19 (3/30/2020)

Essential Workers document

Testing and treatment

California Department of Public Health (CDPH)

CDPH COVID-19 link is

California Department of Aging (CDA) link is

Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH)

*NEW* DFEH Housing Information on COVID-19 FAQ

Department of Social Services (CDSS)

CDSS COVID-19 Information link is

All County Letters (ACL)

*NEW* ACL 20-42 (4/16/2020) Conducting Initial In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Assessments

*NEW* ACL 20-41 (4/17/2020) Personal Protective Equipment for IHSS Providers

*NEW* ACL 20-40 (4/14/2020) Emergency Paid Sick Leave Implementation

*NEW* (4/2/2020) All County Welfare Directors Letter on CalFresh Implementation


CDSS Community Care Licensed Facilities link is


Department of Health Care Services (DHCS)

DHCS COVID-19 Updates link is

State Council on Developmental Disabilities (SCDD)

*NEW* Create a Health Passport – Patient Summary for Person with Developmental Disability

Plain language resources for people with disabilities (English and Spanish)

County Resources

Yolo County COVID-19 Guidelines: Staying at Home for Apartments or Close Quarters

*NEW* Santa Clara Public Health Department Order of the Health Officer (4/6/2020) Order to Disclose Inventories PPE and Ventilators

Community-based Organizations Serving High Risk to COVID-19

Assisted Living

Older Adults



Homelessness link is


CDPH State Health and Emergency Officials Release Guidance to Prepare and Protect Homeless Californians and Service Providers from COVID-19



Forbes: 5 Things To Know About Coronavirus and People with Disabilities

JAMA: Food Safety and COVID-19

American Sign Language (ASL)

CDC ASL Video Series:


Linguabee: Free VRI access at COVID-19 test sites for the Deaf Community


National Association of the Deaf (NAD) Communicating with Medical Personnel During Coronavirus


(3/17/2020) Special Message from North Carolina Division of Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing on COVID-19


(3/17/2020) Special Message from North Carolina Division of Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing on self-care during COVID-19 Outbreak 

From the Washington Department of Health

Indigenous Language Resources


COVID-19 Fact Sheets (35 Languages available)

Guidance for Social Distancing (Mayan)

COVID-19 Facts (Mayan)

Civil Rights


(HHS) HIPPA, Civil Rights, and COVID-19 link is


Guidance Relating to Non-Discrimination in Medical Treatment for COVID-19 (3/30/2020)

Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund (DREDF): Letter to CA Governor Newsom: Protect Disabled Californians and Prohibit Healthcare “Rationing” Based on Disability

*NEW* Disability Rights California (DRC): Letter to CA Governor Newsom (4/21/2020) Responding to COVID-19

U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Pandemic Preparedness in the Workplace and the Americans With Disabilities Act link is


Chattanooga Times Free Press: Civil rights complaint: Tennessee policies could allow discrimination against disabled in receiving COVID-19

The Washington Post: Hospitals consider universal do-not-resuscitate orders for coronavirus patients



Joint Analysis The Governor’s Executive Order on Evictions by: Disability Rights California, Western Center On Law & Poverty, and California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation

Federal/National COVID-19 Resource Websites

Pacific ADA Center

 *NEW* Accessibility at Drive-Thru Medical Sites and Checklist for Accessible Drive-Thru Medical Sites

ADA National Learning Center link is (800)-949-4232

Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) COVID-19link is

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)

Increasing the Physical Accessibility of Health Care Facilities

Guidance for Infection Control and Prevention in Dialysis Facilities

Guidance for Infection Control and Prevention in Nursing Homes


*NEW* Families First Coronavirus Response Act (the Act)

FEMA COVID-19 Response link is

Health & Human Services (HHS) home link is

National Rehabilitation Information Center (NARIC)

COVID-19 Resources for NIDILRR Grantee Community

National Emergency Number Association (NENA) link is

Global COVID-19 Resource Websites

The United Nations link is

World Health Organization (WHO) COVID-19 link is

Institute for health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) COVID-19 Projections



American Public Transportation Association link is

National Transit Safety Research & Assistance Center – Epidemics and Pandemics link is

Metro COVID-19 news and service on COVID-19

Sacramento Regional Transit COVID-19 Preparedness and Service

Paratransit Services

UPC of Sacramento and Northern California

*This resource was developed initially by the California Department of Developmental Services and modified periodically by Valley Mountain Regional Center. 

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