Consumer Services Committee

About the Consumer Services Committee: The Consumer Services Committee shall consist of a chairperson, and at least four (4) members appointed by the President. In addition the Coalition of Local Area Service Providers and the Area VI Developmental Disabilities Board shall each be invited to appoint a representative. It is the responsibility of the Consumer Services Committee to develop and recommend to the Board policy regarding purchase of service, case management, clinical services, quality assurance and contracting policy, needs assessment, resource development, affordable housing, transportation, POS balance grants, and to review service development projects.

Committee Members: Claire Lazaro, Vice president (Chair), Tom Martin, Dena Pfeifer, Lori Smith her facilitator, Robert Balderama, Chris Sugabo his facilitator, Mo Rashid, Charles Edwards his facilitator, Christine Hager, Sandra Graham, Rush Bailey, Cindy Mix, Diane Hoornaert, Gia McElroy, Dena Hernandez, Lisa Culley, Mary Sheehan, Wilma Murray, Tom Toomey, Olivia Honch his facilitator, Margret Heinz, Carmen Calder, Patricia Green, Emily Grunder, Kori Heuvel, Tony Anderson, Tom Bowe, President, Elizabeth Victor-Martinez, Tracie Leong

Meeting Packet: May 14, 2018

Meeting Minutes: May 14, 2018

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