Valley Mountain Regional Center

Rate Adjustment Effective April 1, 2022 – Rate Review Process


Chapter 76, Statutes of 2021 (AB 136, Committee on Budget and Developmental Services) added Welfare and Institutions Code section 4519.10 specifying the timeline for implementation of the rate models proposed in the March 2019 rate study. The Department contracted with health-policy consulting firm Burns & Associates, a division of Health Management Associates, to assist in implementing the rate study

In preparation for the first rate adjustment effective April 1, 2022, regional centers worked with providers and Burns & Associates to collect service level data such as unit type and staffing ratio, to calculate the rate adjustments. Regional centers have begun to receive vendor level rate files from a secure email ( Each file includes the vendor’s current rate, target rate model, and the April 1, 2022 calculated rate adjustment. Regional centers should distribute rates and related information to all providers.

Providers who believe there is an error in the rate calculation may submit the enclosed rate review request form to their regional center no later than 60 days after receiving their rates. If the information received (such as staffing ratio, program hours, current rate, etc.) indicates there may be a need to adjust the calculated rate, the regional center must submit the corrected information to the Department. Rates may only be adjusted upon approval by the Department.


Rate Review Request Form to Submit to